Byrna Not so Lethal Launcher

  • R 3,700.00


The Byrna Launcher is the first of its kind, a legal security device available to the public, a powerful handheld air-fired Launcher which disorient and delay the attacker by causing respiratory distress and vision impairment when the pepper & teargas filled cartridges are used. It was designed to be a similar size & weight as a standard pistol, is compact enough to be carried concealed.

We use C02 cartridges, which is only pieced when you use the Byrna. The kit contains 3 different 5 round 68 caliber cartridges, the pepper & tear gas, powder and the training cartridge. The operational range of this Byrna Launcher is 45 meter. 

(Do not forget the extra balls and a holster - while stock last)